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Sunday, 2 September 2018

All the checks and statement pieces you need for Autumn with BERSHKA

If you're looking for that statement piece for Autumn and not sure what to go for, take a look at the new collection from Bershka. Whatever style you have I can guarantee you will love more than one item.
Now we know that checks are very much IN for Autumn......take your pick! I've also added a few more pieces which will be great to layer with or to finish an outfit.
Let me know your thoughts. Are you already a Bershka fan?!

Cinco Jewellery

I am so shocked I haven't come across this brand before. So of course I had to share incase any of you lovelies hadn't either.

"CINCO is a brand of fine jewelry in silver 925, designed and made in Portugal. Simple with attitude. CINCO was born as an independent design house of minimalist jewelry always with an eye on popular and vintage moods. CINCO is for girls and women who want keep it simple but don´t forget need for a timeless look. We sell worldwide."

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Warehouse New In Items for Autumn

I recently purchased a striped ruffled hem maxi dress from Warehouse for my summer holidays which I fell in love with when it arrived. I honestly don't buy a lot from Warehouse but I have fallen for so many items that they've brought in for Autumn.
There's a real mix of textures, rustic colours, patterns and shapes which you can layer with or use as your statement piece.
Affordable prices for really unique and chic clothing. These were a few items I loved but why not take a look at all of their NEW IN collection. There's some flawless trench coats in there too.

Warehouse, CREW JUMPER Berry 1
Jumper- £26
Skirt- £32
Midi Skirt- £49

Dress- £39
Skirt- £36
Warehouse, OVERLAY WOVEN MIX TOP Khaki 1
Warehouse, ZIP SIDE FUNNEL JUMPER Bright Red 1
Jumper- £46
Warehouse, BUTTON NECK TOP Mink 1
Blouse- £36

Warehouse, CAMILLE TWEED JACKET Dark Green 1
Jacket- £56

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Do you still buy Pandora?

Wildflower Meadow Drop Earrings
Wildflower Meadow Drop £100
Timeless Elegance Stud Earrings
Timeless Elegance Stud Earrings £275
Droplets Hoop Earrings
Droplet Hoop Earrings £55
Entwining Silver Rings
Entwining Silver Rings £115
Classic Elegance Ring
Classis Elegance Ring £70
Enchanted Crown Ring
Enchanted Crown Ring £60
Honeycomb Lace Ring
Honeycomb Lace Ring £140

Pandora was just one of those brands I never got into. When the charm bracelets became the essential for every girl it was something I really never wanted.
If you ask anyone who knows me they'll always say "it's always you who has to be different" which makes me giggle every time they say it as it's never my intention I'm just confident in what I like.
It seemed years ago when the charms were on everyones agenda but I know how popular they still are and how nice it is for people to buy or recieve one which means something to them.
Walking past the Pandora store in Newcastle yesterday, I couldn't help but stop at the variety of beautiful jewellery they have in their window display.
Each to their own in what you prefer but I wanted to share a few rings and earrings which I think are stunning and are definitely on my hotlist.
With Pandora creating so many unique and timeless pieces I'm sure they will be making customers happy for a very long time.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Zara comes out on TOP

As we prepare to finish the Summer hoping for some more sunny days Autumn is just around the corner. I must confess, I'm still counting down the days until I head off to Kardamena at the end of September so I am definitely still in the Summer frame of mind and I still have plenty of shopping to do for my holidays!
Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. Relaxed walks, pumpkin carving, bonfires and spiced coffees on the go... Every year we always see a mix of  fall colours with caramel, mustard, bowns, greens and reds always hitting the shops. This year we can see these colours through the animal prints, oversized layers and classic shapes brought in by our favourite brands.
Zara has hit the ground running with a mix of trends which were seen on the runway for Autumn/Winter 2018. Bold colours and statement prints shine through in their new collection.