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Saturday, 30 December 2017

New Year Resolutions

It's time!!

So even though you might not follow the tradition of setting yourself a New Year resolution I would really encourage you to do try it this year.
For 2018 I am going to set myself 10 New Year resolutions. I've chosen 10 because I've mixed it up with work, life, hobbies and well being.
Resolutions help me focus on what I want in life and reminds me to look after myself and push myself to reach my goals.
Things can always change but it's good to have something set to strive towards. If it does change, then change your goal.

1. Focus more on my hair, skin and nails. (looking after myself)
2. Hit the gym. I find it really hard to workout at home but I focus really well in the gym. Becoming healthier, motivated and more energetic.
3. Explore. Moving to Newcastle gives me the best opportunity to discover what's on my doorstep.
4. Go for a spa/ relaxation day at least once a month.
5. Save and put away money every payday.
6. Throw myself in to new experiences/ activities. For example surfing, yoga, spinning, dance classes.
7. Always make time for friends and family. If not in person give them a face time or call.
8. Work hard at work and become confident and knowledgeable in my position.
9. Make homemade presents and gifts.
10. Read more!

These are my own resolutions. Every person has their own way to relax and their own goals to reach. Be realistic and if you don't manage to follow your resolution it's okay! I'll be keeping you updated on how I get on. Make sure you let me know how you get on too.


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