F Bella la vie: Do you still buy Pandora?

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Do you still buy Pandora?

Wildflower Meadow Drop Earrings
Wildflower Meadow Drop £100
Timeless Elegance Stud Earrings
Timeless Elegance Stud Earrings £275
Droplets Hoop Earrings
Droplet Hoop Earrings £55
Entwining Silver Rings
Entwining Silver Rings £115
Classic Elegance Ring
Classis Elegance Ring £70
Enchanted Crown Ring
Enchanted Crown Ring £60
Honeycomb Lace Ring
Honeycomb Lace Ring £140

Pandora was just one of those brands I never got into. When the charm bracelets became the essential for every girl it was something I really never wanted.
If you ask anyone who knows me they'll always say "it's always you who has to be different" which makes me giggle every time they say it as it's never my intention I'm just confident in what I like.
It seemed years ago when the charms were on everyones agenda but I know how popular they still are and how nice it is for people to buy or recieve one which means something to them.
Walking past the Pandora store in Newcastle yesterday, I couldn't help but stop at the variety of beautiful jewellery they have in their window display.
Each to their own in what you prefer but I wanted to share a few rings and earrings which I think are stunning and are definitely on my hotlist.
With Pandora creating so many unique and timeless pieces I'm sure they will be making customers happy for a very long time.

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