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The Telegraph has given us 31 top places to visit. Showcasing a range of places from all around the world including some of the most amazing tourist attractions. The article gives you a real variety of some spectacular places you can explore.
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I saw this website when I was scrolling through facebook and I am so happy I opened it up. For me, I love to travel and experience new culture however as the years go on there are still so many things we want to do and see. My friends and family all have different jobs and most live in different places all across the world, it's really hard to stick to a week where you can all get away as everyone is always so busy. This website is fantastic as you can join groups ( mostly singletons) on fun filled adventures to so many destinations. Check it out.  #noregrets

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Cusco, Peru

Lake Como

When I got the opportunity to work on Lake Como over the summer it wasn't really a decision that took me long to make and you can probably guess why. Yes, the lake where George Clooney has his second home, constant sunshine, the glamour, the views, swimming, sunbathing, exploring.....the list goes on. After working on Lake Garda for 2 years I really loved the lake lifestyle. Having to get boats to other resorts and being able to sit on the lake front enjoying wine till early morning. I loved it.
However I always did have to remind myself I also had too work!
If you haven't been to Lake Como it is definitely worth while. Whether you want a chilled or activity based holiday there is so much to do there. I even underestimated how much there was to do so I definitely need to go back.
From my experience stay in a hotel around the centre of the lake.

You can choose from:
Menaggio, my favourite: One of the bigger towns on the lake, Menaggio has a beautiful lake front which you can enjoy a stroll along, the Garibaldi square filled with bars and cafes, beautiful walks and great entertainment throughout the summer.

Cadenabbia and Tremezzo: Both villages sit along the road next to each other below Menaggio. Both places have limited restaurants, bars and hotels however they are in perfect position to get the boat to other destinations on the lake.

Lenno: A beautiful town below Tremezzo. Lenno has some lovely hotels and restaurants which sit along the lake front. They also have a fantastic market on a Tuesday but the most spectacular thing about Lenno is the easy access to the Villa Balbianello. The Villa sits on the peninsula of Lenno and is one of the most beautiful places I have even seen. It is an absolute MUST SEE!!

Bellagio: Cobbled streets, chic boutiques, garden terraces, amazing restaurants, botanical gardens. Hotels are usually more expensive here due to the location being in between the two south branches of the lake. Glamorous atmosphere.

Varenna: A quieter and more relaxing village. You can escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy the magnificent views. Varenna also has a train link which you can get easily to Milan and Bergamo which both are worth visiting.

From these places you can find public transport really easily to go and explore other places. There are also fantastic walks including the greenway on both sides and affordable boat hire so you can go exloring up the north of the lake on your own time. Car hire is also a fantastic way to see the lake and this can be done from the airport or in Como. (prebook)

Lake Como is close to Switzerland which means there is even more to see on your holiday. There are excursions you can book through your hotel as well if you want a more relaxing day. 

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