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About Me

I'm Jessica and Bella la vie has been apart of my life since 2011. Yes! that's right since 2011. I started this blog as part of my college HND Fashion, Business and Retail course and unfortunately I never put enough time or love in to it.

The past 4 years have been the best years of my life. Working and living in some of the most amazing places in Italy and Austria. I met the most amazing people, gained some amazing skills and explored some of the most amazing places. I will always be thankful.

I move in to 2018 with more of a routine, feeling more settled but feeling strong and determined. Moving to Newcastle, starting a new job, focusing on my myself , my health, my interests and my family.

So now................now I get to spend time pouring my heart in to Bella la vie to share with you guys.

Just like me, my blog has grown, changed and evolved.

Bella la vie is a place where you can join my journey in to a healthy life style, day to day on goings, style, fashion and much more.

Here's to the future!



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